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Production Advantages

Heavy Pressure Vessel Plant



  Plant area:22496m2

  Maximum lifting capacity:200T

  Annual production capacity:15000T

  Heat treatment capacity:5.8m×5.8m×30m

  Maximum coil thickness:120mm(cold roll)



Non-ferrous Metal Equipment and Heat Exchanger Plant



  Clean workshop:8800㎡

  Clean welding workshop:1800㎡

  Maximum lifting capacity of 50T

  Annual production capacity of 3000T







Pressure Pipeline Fittings and Special Structural Parts Plant



  Plant area:12000m2

  Clean workshop:850㎡

  Maximum press 10000T, the diameter of largest
  expansion joints


  Special material pipelines

  Annual production capacity of 3000T




Tower Internals Plant



  Plant area:2500m2

  Bending machine: 6m×12mm


  Auto punching machine:80/min






Tower Internals Plant



  Plant area:11000m2

  Bending machine:14m,
  Layer thickness:14mm

  Single heat treatment furnace:

  Maximum leveling thickness≤160mm

  Annual production capacity:10000T