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Core Technologies

Duble Company is a group of people with the intention of being the most comprehensive process equipment manufacturing enterprise in China. At present, Duble has the first-class engineering technicians and high-quality workforce in the industry, and senior experts who have participated in the formulation and implementation of several major petrochemical equipment localization programs are the technical leaders to ensure DUBLE has the technical ability to tackle difficult problems in the field of petrochemical equipment manufacturing. Especially in the field of special materials manufacturing, we have provided thousands of special materials pressure vessels or non-standard products to the domestic and foreign markets in the past ten years, involving all kinds of special materials such as titanium, nickel, zirconium, copper, etc. used in corrosive or high temperature environment.

Especially in the manufacturing of nickel equipments, nearly a hundred tests are carried out tirelessly to formulate the most suitable manufacturing process, which is highly concerned by the Pressure Vessel Standards Committee. Invited to participate in GB/T 2882-2005 《Nickel and Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubes for Pressure Vessels》and GB/T 2054-2005 《Nickel and Nickel Alloys for Pressure Vessels》. Revision of Hot Rolled Sheet, NB/T47028-2012 《Nickel and Nickel Alloy Forgings for Pressure Vessels 》and NB/T47002-2009 《Explosive Welding Clad Plate for Pressure Vessels》

Technical Team


Technical Team

   1).Core team

Team members: a total of more than 50, including design, technology, welding, NDT and other professions.Among them, there are many senior professors.

   2).Innovative achievements

 Cumulative application for 35 patents

Resource Conditions

           1. Industry-leading special materials processing equipment:

       1). CNC 5-axis water cutting machine: the maximum cutting thickness of 150 mm, to ensure that   the tube nozzle and other openings and welding groove cold processing molding, welding groove accuracy and cleanliness fully guaranteed, no pollution to raw materials, no physical performance changes and additional stress on the weld;

   2).Gas heating solid solution heat treatment furnace: East China's largest solid solution furnace, the highest temperature is: 1150℃, temperature control accuracy within ±15℃;

   3).Advanced automatic plasma welding machine: can complete longitudinal girth welding work, thickness ≤14mm can not be directly welded without groove, high efficiency, small heat input, beautiful shape;

   2. Rare super-large integrated micro-positive pressure clean workshop (constant temperature clean welding workshop) and phenanthroline clean room in the industry to detect iron-free air pollution and ensure air quality.

   3. Strict quality management system and experienced team of inspectors, strictly separate black and white, according to the internationally accepted inspection and testing plan to control each production link;



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