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Core Technologies

The company has a large area multi-point synchronous initiation, detonation velocity control, edge discrete constraint and other explosive composite welding technology, breaking through the key technologies such as time-space distribution model of detonation velocity, unequal thickness distribution of explosives, linear wave initiation, multi-layer residual stress control, and so on. Compared with the existing domestic technology, the maximum blasting area of a single block increased by more than 120%. The defect area at the edge of the plate is greatly reduced to 5~10mm, which improves the yield of metal explosive composite manufacturing. With multi-layer single explosion welding technology, explosive welding energy balance technology and other independent research and development technology, 35 patents were applied, including 11 patents authorized.

Technical Team


The company has built Jiangsu Province Explosive Welding Engineering Technology Research Center and Jiangsu Academician Workstation, Jiangsu Province Research Workstation three major scientific and technological platforms, is a member of China Engineering Blasting Association.

Team members: a total of 16, including 1 academicians, 4 PhD students, 2 postgraduates and 8 undergraduates.

Innovative achievements: 57 patents were applied for, 11 of which were authorized to invent; participated in the compilation of National Standard of Explosive Welding Clad  Plate for Pressure Vessels (Standard No. NB/T47002.1-NB/T47002.4-2009); participated in the compilation of the authoritative reference book of the industry Blasting Manual; published 13 papers.

It has 3 high-tech products, 2 state-level Torch projects, 3 provincial and above science and technology awards, 1 Municipal Science and technology awards, and the "non-ferrous metal explosive welding composite material" has been awarded Nanjing famous brand products.

Resource Conditions


The company has 8000professional production plant, 3500 comprehensive office and laboratory building, Huangshan has built a large-scale field explosion site. The laboratory has set up explosive welding laboratory, heat treatment laboratory, mechanical properties laboratory, chemical analysis laboratory, metallographic laboratory, non-destructive testing laboratory, non-destructive testing and evaluation room, welding materials first and second storehouse and archives room, etc. It has 40 m³ annealing furnace, leveling equipment, 9M plate butting, automatic polishing machine, X-ray flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, 100T hydraulic universal testing machine, impact testing machine, ferrite measuring instrument, ten-section intelligent explosion velocity measuring instrument, helium mass spectrometer leak detector and other dozens of research and development, testing special equipment.In terms of production equipment, the company is equipped with 1200,10,000 tons of hydraulic press, four-column hydraulic press, three-roll plate rolling machine, shearing machine, plasma cutting machine, inverter AC pulsed argon arc welding machine, inverter DC submerged arc welding machine, CO2 gas shielded welding machine, inverter hand-arc argon arc welding machine, longitudinal welder, longitudinal welder, automatic welding machine, single welding machine. More than 100 special equipment such as vertical lathe.



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