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1. High salt wastewater evaporation and crystallization technology - DZF evaporation technology

2. High salt wastewater organic substance COD removing technology - wet catalytic oxidation technology

3. Acid wastewater gas extraction technology

Technical team

The company is an Enterprise Technology Center accredited by Jiangsu Province. It has a provincial enterprise academician workstation and a provincial enterprise postgraduate workstation. It is a governing unit of Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry Association, a member unit of China Chemical Industry Environmental Protection Association, and a member unit of China Membrane Industry Association. In addition, the company has established long-term cooperative relations with multiple research institutes at home and abroad. In the field of water treatment, it has established long-term cooperative relationship with the Nanjing Soil Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has carried out long-term close cooperation with China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute of CAS in the field of waste gases and waste solids treatment.

Resource conditions


The company has a chemical project laboratory building, with a floor area of about 3,500 square meters, equipped with more than 100 sets of advanced inspection and testing equipment, as well as multiple wastewater treatment test devices with independent patent technologies, such as, membrane concentration, evaporation and crystallization salt separation testing device with high salt wastewater sub-zero discharge technology, multi-function wastewater wet catalytic oxidation pilot unit, jet aeration device, membrane distillation unit using jet flow cycling for pressure reduction, and so on, which can ensure the accurate acquisition of experimental program data before the implementation of the project, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.



Relevant Case:


Weihai Power Plant’s Industrial Wastewater Treatment System The DCS control system and high concentration organic wastewater treatment plant at the chemical tank area Circulating wastewater reuse boiler water feeding system at Yantai Power Plant