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Core Technologies


  Duble's Separation Engineering Division is dedicated to developing advanced mass transfer and separation technologies and designing and manufacturing distillation and separation equipment. Its MFV tray technology is based on the third generation super distillation tray  (Superfrac Tray®) of Glitsch Inc. Its high performance has been tested and verified by American Distillation Research Corporation (FRI). It has been widely used in crude oil atmospheric and vacuum distillation, catalytic cracking, gas fractionation, hydrofining, desulfurization, coking, methanol, low-temperature methanol washing, urea, ethylene, alkylbenzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, butadiene, acetic acid, PTA and other nearly 1000 tower internals design and technical transformation projects. MFV high-efficiency tray technology includes micro-floating valve and fixed valve, bubble accelerator, multi-folded downcomer and other technologies

 1) The FRI test shows that the separation efficiency of MFV high efficiency tray is 15-20% higher than that of ordinary float valve, the treatment capacity is 20-25% higher, and the operation flexibility is better.

2) MFV high efficiency tray has been successfully used in industrial plants of various chemical enterprises. Up to now, the technology has been designed and supplied nearly 1000 tower internal components. The actual application results show that it has the characteristics of high throughput and high separation effect. Compared with ordinary floating valve tray or sieve hole tray, this tray can greatly increase treatment capacity, improve product quality, increase product yield, reduce material consumption and energy consumption.

3) The micro fixed valve also has the characteristics of anti blockage and low cost.


Technical Team

  The team consists of 16 members, including one senior engineer at the professor level and many senior engineers, including process accounting, mechanical design, engineering implementation and commissioning personnel and after-sales service management personnel. Innovation achievements: at present, there are a number of varieties of tower internals independently developed, including 4 patents for invention.

Resource Conditions


1. The engineering company has Grade B design qualification for chemical engineering, petroleum and chemical products storage and transportation, B gradel design qualification for construction engineering and Grade A1 (high pressure vessel),  Grade  A2 pressure vessel and Grade GC1, 2, 3 pressure pipeline design qualification. It can provide customers with the process plan, engineering design and EPC total package of the whole separation section. The company has international general chemical process simulation software, which can provide customers with process simulation and parameter optimization of production equipment.


2. Since 2008, the core members of the design team have been engaged in the design of natural gas preparation and sub-loading projects. Several gas stations, gas stations, oil and gas co-construction stations and industrial relaxation gas production projects have been successfully completed.

3. The company has two experimental devices(a 1000mm plate tower and a 300mm packing tower) and a stainless steel hydraulic test plateform capable of carrying OD18m liquid distributor, which can provide basic data for the development of new tower internals and the determination fo hydraulic parameters of distributor.




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